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Maenell Ziggy M CD
June 1998-April 2008

Ziggy was a black Standard Poodle and was originally my (late) mother's, who always wanted a Standard Poodle. We selected him together with an eye toward my eventually taking him through all levels of competitive Obedience. He and I got our CD the summer of 2004 but then life got in the way and after getting one leg towards his CDX I stopped competing with him. He was smart and high-drive, a lot of fun to work with. In 2007 he had some squamous cell carcinomas of the toenail beds ('Poodle toe cancer') but appeared to recover well from the amputations of each of the 2 affected toes. He seemed well and happy and healthy but in early April this year (2008) he died suddenly and without warning, cause never determined. I miss him very much as well.